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Padmaja Krishnan

Padmaja Krishnan

Founder director
Emerging Edges Consultants Pvt Ltd
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Padmaja Krishnan's Experience
CEO/ MD/ Director
Emerging Edges Consultants Pvt Ltd, Delhi, INDIA
VP/ President/ Partner
VP/ President/ Partner
Steria-Xansa, Delhi, INDIA
VP/ President/ Partner
Dell - Perot Systems, Delhi, INDIA
Areas for the Future
The best Tools that have been and will remain in use in the QA/TQM domain are : Pareto Principle Scatter Plots Control Charts Flow Charts Cause and Effect , Fishbone, Ishikawa Diagram Histogram or Bar Graph Check Lists Independent Peer Reviews
Essential Advice
To succeed in QA/TQM/Testing areas the basic inherent traits and aptitude required are : Attention to details, Process rigor, Customer Orientation and listening skills. There are other important habits one needs to cultivate : Be pro-active and Begin with the end in mind (envision the goal)
Most Important Decisions
I have aligned my career goals with the business growth agenda of the organization I have been associated with.These were:Using Technology for Solving Customers' Problems, Deploying Quality as a differentiator, Embrace industry practices & certifications, Create a strong Brand and evangelise it
The Journey So Far
I have grown from a software engineer to Heading Quality, Competency Development, Business Development functions and Business Units to Leading Corporate Planning, Sales & Marketing, Business Strategy and independent ventures
Role Model
Many role models have inspired me - Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Covey, Deming & Juran,Industry leaders like Tatas, Toyota, my parents and family.They inspired me to believe that there may be 1000 reasons for doing something wrong, but we still need to find that one reason to do it right and succeed
A Fine Balance:
Balancing work and family life is about managing time, priorities, people and relationships. Focusing on the Big Rocks is important. Its also important to manage expectations in a way that promises can be kept. Certain time and dates must be blocked away for family just like we do at work.
Degrees that Matter
Yes, it is very important to secure certifications and qualifications that are relevant to the nature of your work. This applies to all competencies across industries and technologies, just like Quality. I am a certified Tick IT Lead Assessor from UK and can conduct Quality certification audits
Points of inflection
The major inflection points in my career were the IT wave of the 80s, the Quality wave of the 90s, the Internet and Outsourcing wave of the 2000 and now the E-Commerce wave since 2010
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Over 30 years of experience in current and previous roles, as a Business Head, I was and have been responsible to deliver to the expectations of my clients and satisfy them in the best possible way. This is the key mantra for Quality and Customer Satisfaction leading to further Business Prospects
Most Important Lessons
Lessons- My self-worth is NOT based on what others think,My past does NOT equal my future,You can shape your destiny if you try hard,Emotions don't reflect on reality accurately,It is NOT a GOAL to be perfect or do something perfectly-instead doing what is necessary can lead to extrordinary results
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