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About Praveen Mohan's family

Born and brought up in a small town - Mannargudi, Tamil nadu. I did my schooling at Mannargudi and later moved to Chennai to do my B.E at Crescent Engineering College, Vandalur. My father (late) was a doctor at my native and mother is a home maker. I am currently single, living with my mom at BLR
Intellectual Recommendations
It largely depends on the product that you work on and I would suggest to master the product in all aspects and read books related to that. What you need is a mind-set to explore the product and never-say-done attitude, Questioning attitude – Question everything, even the fundamental assumptions.
Additional Certifications
No need of any degrees. U need Deeper and thorough knowledge on the product to be tested, on par with developers, passion towards testing and finding bugs,think unconventionally or out-of-the-box,Build a DB of all the errors people make,Overcome the trained incapacity and a mind-set to explore.
Excellence of Testing Professionals
Generally, I am a no-conflict person and never refuse to work with anyone. Qualities that I don't like - People who always praise me for whatever I do, People who steal the credit from others or not give due credit to others, People who do not respect other’s abilities and criticizes them in public.
My Road map Ahead
Someone who builds a quality organization from scratch with a unique vision and strategy, accompanied by a clear execution plan and the org is nimble enough in terms of how it copes with the change. Establish processes, tools, direction in line with company objectives. Get a business perspective.
Starting Differently Again
If I have to start all over again, I would still choose a QE Job but I would probably take more risks than what I did in the past and would bring in innovation in a much more radical manner without worrying too much about a potential failure. Would like to be much more adaptive to changes.
Future of QA
My thirst to find more issues in the product and my desire to master the product. Finding a good defect gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction, makes me feel I have done something better than the person who has developed it. Never think we have done enough,there is always more to be done.
Contribution to the field
Job Satisfaction,on a daily basis. Before going to bed, I rewind and see what I have done today and there is anything that I could have done better. Also think about my worth and value addition on whatever I have done today, improve it the next day. I put more heart into what I do.
Challenges with QA domain
Working overtime without compromising on your personal life, is not bad. I tend to use the extra time for exploring new areas within the product, reach new depths, use a new tool, new automation etc without affecting the project deliverable. Office time is mostly for delivering what is committed.
The Big Question
Yes. I earn the respect of my peers, my boss and the respective engineering team across multiple companies, products, and business units through my work. Able to positively influence others, bring in changes in how they think and able to take them along with me. Ability to influence stake holders.
The Most Important Game
there were times when there was no manager for our team and it was my responsibility to hold the team together, give them the required support and make them execute as normal. Involved motivation,recognizing good work, getting them awards, resolving conflicts and getting their best and growing them.
Growth Initiatives
Delivered talks in various techfest at colleges, various conferences in india/abroad and have met numerous students, professionals, executive management, customers and competitors. This helped me bring a unique customer perspective and innovation into whatever I do. Exposed me to unconventional ways
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