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Nuka Shrinivas Rao

Nuka Shrinivas Rao

Senior Software QA Engineer
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Work Accomplishments
I am presently working in McAfee as Senior Software QA Engineer. I joined McAfee in 2008 July, before that i was working in ACS in ITPL for 2 years. I have been awarded Employee of the Quarter in both McAfee and ACS. I have completed various certifications.
I have been awarded Employee of the quarter as have already mentioned. I have written technical papers for Intel conference and PNSQC.
Leadership Quality
Recently , we got a project which was time constraint and my team member was on marriage holiday and i had to take his worload and when in the next week when i went to my hometown as i had some medical emergency at home, he took my work load, so we both knew how important it is to support your team
Journey so far
After completing by Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, i moved to Bangalore and started my career with ACS(now a XEROX company) as a Software Tester in 2006. I joined McAfee 4 years back. It's quite challenging to move from service based to a product based comp, yet enjoyed the challenge.
Role Comparison
I am presently working in McAfee as Senior Software QA Engineer. I joined McAfee in 2008 July, before that i was working in ACS in ITPL for 2 years.Here i am involved in networking, OS setup, Test bed setup and testing whereas in previous role i was basically doing testing.
Reference and Sharing
Some good books- How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing; books by Rex Black; Testing Applications on the Web: Test Planning for Internet-Based Systems.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Every month i sit on a weekend and just analyse myself by giving online technical tests. Have started reading about java and coding. Will always try to read about whats going on in the QA and security world.
Position Preference
A go to person for any technical difficulties
Contribution by you
I have been the role model for my team members when it comes to testing the product. have reported more no of high severity defects and in all areas, such as fucntional, security, performance defects such as memory leaks. i think as a user and customer while testing my products,
Career Disappointments
As such nothing but i want to explore myself more in whitebox and coding.
Parting thoughts
If anyone wants to be the best in the business then you need to run one step ahead of everyone, so just keep brushing your tech and other professionals skills always.
Professional Advice
As a tester you should always think as a user who will use the application, service or the product while testing. Just running the normal suite of Testcases won't yield bugs, but you will always find defects while doing some exploratory testing.
Boss Qualities
he should be a motivator.
Doing Differently
I would be much more involved in coding and whitebox.
Long working hours
I have worked round the clock but very few times when it was needed. i dont advertise though.
ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA and SSBB are some of the certifications which would enrich your CV. But having certifications and knowledge is a different thing. Its always best to just re revisit all the stuff which we had studied during certification preparation as we tend to forget in the course of time.
Challenges i face day to day.
Success Path
Honestly not now, I have not achieved something which can be termed as success. The day when I establish a full fledge quality framework for an organization from scratch I would think I have achieve something…..
Difficulties at initial Stage
just did lot of hardwork and studied about various testing techniques for various situations
Family Background
I am from Bilaspur (Chattisgarh). My father is a retired Indian railways servicemen. My elder sister is a PhD degree holder and second sister works in Indian MNC.My mom is a housewife. i have been inspired most by my sister and mother. i always wanted to be an engineer cum cricketer.
Working Preference
Anyone is not a team member. the person i look to hire should be having good positive attitude.
Money V/S Work
Job satisfaction is the most important think which motivates you. And if you have to live a quality life than money plays a significant role.
Work Ethics
I stick to the timings and dont work too many hours in the office, but if necessary i dont mind putting some extra hours.
Career Goal
i am much more aligned to technical path, so after 5 years i want to be in a architect cum tech advisor role for the team.
Growing Strategy
I am learning and doing code reviews, learning and performing security testing, cloud testing. Guide my new team members and give training sessions as and when necessary
Current Role in The Organization
I am presently working in McAfee as Senior Software QA Engineer. I joined McAfee in 2008 July, before that i was working in ACS in ITPL for 2 years.
Dream Job
I think any job you do if you do putting your soul and heart into it then you will find that your job as dream job, so love what you do and do the stuff what you love.
Strongest Point
Everyone says i am a good listener.
important career decisions
For any person, its quite important to know which stream suits you best and which is your passion, making compromises won't help you for a long run. I loved testing from my initial phase and i still have a great passion for it.
Prized Accomplishment
recently we had a great release without any issues which mostly i handled single handedly.
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