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Nithin John

Nithin John

Chief Architect
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About Nithin John's family

I hail from a middle class family from Cochin, Kerala. My dad is a retired company employee and my mom is a housewife. I completed my bachelors in computer science and engineering in 2007 and then went on to work with Poornam Info Vision. I moved away in 2010 to pursue my dream.
Contribution to the field
I happen to be a Founder at Dexetra (, the creators of Iris (Siri for Android). It topped a million downloads in its first month and went to to clock over 5 million downloads over the time. I handle the client side architecture and is responsible for ensuring optimal user experience.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Let me keep it short and simple.
Work life Management
You need to make sure that you always find time for your family and friends no matter what. It can also act as a stress buster and can also motivate me in my professional life.
Current Role
My responsibilities include:- - Client side Architecture - User Experience Management - Product Performance Optimization
Changes in professional environment
The industry I am in is fairly nascent and is continuously evolving. With every release of Android OS Versions has always opened up new avenues for improvement and more importantly a lot of possibilities. As a part of my profile, I needed to be constantly updated with the latest happenings.
Your role model
It has to be Steve Wozniak. He was probably the most important force in making Apple what it is today. I adore the way he loved creating products and the passion for the same.
The Big Question
No. Success can be so much of a relative term and perceptions has a lot to do with the same. I have my list of things that need to be accomplished and even then I am sure whether I will be able to label myself a
Starting Differently Again
I am not a person for retrospective thoughts. What I am today has a lot to do with my experiences and I have no regrets for the choices I made.
The Most Important Game
Although my responsibilities are on the Android Client side, I do put forth my suggestions and opinions in the various brainstorming sessions on Cloud Architecture.
Effective decision
I still do not consider me as a success. However, the best decision I made was to quit my job and set out on this exciting journey.
My Road map ahead
I hope to be a part of a company that has built a product that has enhanced smartphone experience for a user by taping into their behavioral patterns to give them intelligent and useful suggestions.
Areas for the Future
I feel that Android has a lot of scope for betterment in user experience. The openness of the platform offers so much to the developers; in other words the developers would only be restricted by their imagination.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have been an ardent follower of the Google IO Sessions that happen once in a year. I would also make sincere efforts to attend conferences pertaining to Android.
Additional Certifications
I believe in knowledge and not certifications.
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