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About 's family

My family background is from well cultured middle class family of north India. My father is govt. employee in BSNL. My elder brother is in Nursing Profession who serves peoples with honesty and kindness. My mother is a house wife. I am very lucky for getting worlds best parents and brother in world.
Plans for the Future
I think I am capable for serve people by my wealth body and heart. So I consider that I should increase my potential to grow myself. For that I should have to grow fast with the speed of latest culture and requirement so I could able to serve humanbeing with my best.
Most Important Decisions
Education has many streams to get success. Each stream goes to its different target with different ways. I selected the stream which is connected with latest way of information and science and technology. I always like this way that is now called IT. I think this is the way that I was looking for.
Most Important Lessons
Dont't get disturb if work is unknown to you just anaysis and get search about that and you be get solution.Don't expect that other will help you,you should selfdependent. but you can take suggessions. Don't hasitate for clearify problem in mind 50% of problem can be solved by better understandings.
Points of inflection
If your boss is good listner and good person than you are lucky, b'coz you can learn more and more new things from him which will help you a lot to get your goal. If condition is just opposite than also you should be great listner and try to learn things which are good in him and be a self inventor.
A Fine Balance:
If you think that the work is important than life you are in wrong direction. Work is necessary for life but we have to make balence between them so there is no affection take place between them,nothing should be disturbed by each other. Don't mix your personal life with your work is key to success.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Currently I am team leader,developer. I develop softwares and lead juniors, windows and web applications are mostly use for development. My previous role was software developer trainee in which I was a learner and used to analysis and learnt about new things and technology. This habit is continuous.
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