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Neelima Sharma

Neelima Sharma

Technical Team Lead
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About Neelima Sharma's family

I am born in the family of highly talented people, so the journey has been always motivating and full of guidance to me. My father retired as a principal of CBSE school, a scholar of chemistry. Both my brother are graduate of REC. My Sister a school teacher and My role model my mother is a housewife
Plans for the Future
I am looking forward to be associated with organisation participating in the evolving technologies and take it from there to setup a firm of my own to work in the upcoming technologies
Currently working at
I am working at position technical team lead. My role's and responsibilities includes mentoring the team member with the assigned techinal work, providing the resolution for all the technical issues seen. I get involved in the understanding the client requirment and analysis.
Required Reading;software testing fundamentals:Method and Metrics by Marnie L. Hutcheson
Most Important Lessons
I believe that there two most important thing one must learn and follow to be successfull. Be a smart worker along with hard worker. One has to develop the logical analysis power which will always help to build understanding about any subject/technology to work on. keep the self-confidence always
The Journey So Far
I started my career with a small firm zoom technologies and must say that it is the building block of my career which gave me a wider platform to work on networking products. Zoom is a place which laid a strong foundation in networking domain. I moved into the career of Testing after joining Nokia.
Parting thoughts
To stay in the competition one should always walk with time and with the technologies otherwise you will stay back and stay stagnant
Most Important Decisions
Joining Nokia is the best decision of my life when i had lot of good opportunities. Working on wider domain after gaining expertise in the networking domain. Choosing Conexant system and associated with the organisation for a long duration.
Essential Advice
Please walk through about testing/QA on net and feel if it is really of your interest. Only people with the strong inclination can survive and success in this field
A Fine Balance:
Company ask your 8 hours and we land up giving more than 10-12 hours. So i make it a point that when i reach home i donot carry office to home.
Areas for the Future
Telecom and Datacom domain, Database( Oracle/SQL), Platform ( Unix)
Degrees that Matter
Domain specific like for me it was Sun Solaris, CCNA, CCNP and now moving to Oracle certification
Points of inflection
Change of profile from Implemenation and Solution engineer to Quaity Testing
Changes in the industry
It has changed drastically that today we are more focused towards agile method of testing instead of the popular v or waterfall models. A product is released only after testing team acknowledgement. Virtualization of the testing setup environment is a biggest change i have noticed.
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