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Narendra Singh Kachhotiya

Narendra Singh Kachhotiya

Focal Point - GIS and Remote Sensing
westrix technologies private limited
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Narendra Singh Kachhotiya's Experience
Probationary Engineer
westrix technologies private limited, Delhi, INDIA
GIS Analyst
Narendra Singh Kachhotiya's Education
center of excellance in remote sensing
Holkar Science Autonomous College Indore
Chandra Shekhar Azad Goverment College Jhabua

About Narendra Singh Kachhotiya's family

Yes, I am a son of a farmer. I have been with a joint family since my birth. We have adequate land of agriculture. My two elder brothers are in Govt. Employment and therefore we do not prefer to do a systematic and profitable Agriculture. My Mother for most time looks after the Agriculture.
Most Important Lessons
SO far, this is my fourth No. of Job. In all kind of my contract and job i have learn something unique from each job. Our job is mainly to accomplish determined Goal within the given deadline with more discreet quality. To accomplish the Goal Team work is very important and to be passionate
Required Reading
well, as far as it concern to my job profile, there are plaintiff books available of GIS, for example Burrow. My work is related to application execution not with the QA. Though, some books about the Data-Base Management could be refer. we mainly dealt with Relational Database and there are books.
Plans for the Future
there are good changes in my professional as well as in my personal leaving standards. Now i am with the Goal Oriented, working through constraints timeline and with dynamic teams which could have not been possible in early start off. Language programming all are improved a lot.
Areas for the Future
It must be our result oriented. It should be as per the client requirement. And it should be cost and time effective. If we are in position to consider these three points i think there is scope to do research for this kind specialization
Changes in the industry
Things are rolling out of the practices. Especifically, in my time when i had started out in, i was not aware about the QA and Testing process, but with changing time and continuation of development of-course the QA and Testing have become more precise and constrict as well.
The Journey So Far
It was started in Year 2008 November with one of the Chennai Based IT company. From 2008 to 2012 i have changed three IT Firms/Organization. I am see that my graph of everything is going Up and i never want it to fall down. Designation wise, salary wise and also responsibility wise it is increasing.
Tech trends to watch out for
It has to be done by many experts of that particular area. Its good if one thing could be tested and checked by many peoples so i think there is chance of reliability and synergy establishment between the company and client.
Essential Advice
Its a spreading filed like a GAS out of container. Its Challenging opportunity, one should have good ability to do it with very precise way of doing. Its needs vast knowledge in beginning it self.
Role Model
Its difficult for me, as i have never found a complete man, there are people with different quality, someone good in conduct, someone is in knowledge and someone may give you a good direction but finding person with all these combination, its impossible.
A Fine Balance:
with this raising and starring career. i need to look at the priority comes for the Job and then my personal life, however job is base of my survival. Proper Utilization of everyday time can balance work life. I make a list of my all pending and day assignments and try to execute in a day itself.
Currently working at
I am a Focal Point for GIS and Remote Sensing, My role is to develop a comprehensive plan for the Projects. I am working with multi projects. My contribution is lie with the Field work, data collection, data procurement, budget reconciliation, Human resource recruitment, liaison with the Govt. etc
Parting thoughts
No, Thanks
Most Important Decisions
Right Now i am working in Humanitarian sector but i have planned to put myself in research for next three years, want to achieve PhD degree and want to back in same filed as Multidisciplinary Technical Advisory.
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