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Mukesh Sharma

Mukesh Sharma

Founder & CEO,QA InfoTech
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Most Important Decisions
Developer to Tester: I was a developer when I started my career and I was doing very well but my first project in US was a testing project. I loved working as a test engineer and decided to continue working as a Software Quality Engineer even though my colleagues and friends advised me against it for it was considered a secondary.
Essential Advice
There are quite a few organizations in the market that focus on independent software testing. The market is truly built on a
The Journey So Far
Hard work, perseverance and determination helped me in scaling up the ladder. I always wanted to start a business and be able to create opportunities. When I was working as a test engineer/lead, the idea of having an independent QA organization providing impartial evaluation came to my mind and I continued working towards it.
Tech trends to watch out for
Some specific technology trends we are watching include: Evolution of the Smart Devices and Associated Technologies to support software on devices Evolution of the Cloud and what it means to testing Use of Games in Software Testing Usability Aspects of Product Development Social Networking At an organizational level, we are making a lot of investments in R & D for us to fully comprehend what these mean to software testing,
Plans for the Future
I think there is going to be a lot of demand for game and game based testing. On one hand you have a lot of people who are gamers across the world for whom a lot of casual games on a multitude of devices are being developed. On the other hand, game based techniques are being leveraged in several domains such as learning and education to effectively teach and impart knowledge to the user, in the absence of a physical teacher. I want to start a seed fund to be able to help those with great ideas turning them into reality.
Degrees that Matter
Certifications are always worth pursuing given that they serve several purposes: Deepen your knowledge in the given area Provide room for specialization and an edge both for you and your company Foster the attitude of ongoing learning in the individual Act as an added bonus in establishing your qualifications, especially in the services industry In my experience, it is always good for a tester to certify in the following 3 aspects: a) Around core testing expertise, b) Around technical expertise, c) Around product/domain expertise. Discuss with your manager / mentor on what specific certifications would make sense for your current role as well as future growth and plan accordingly
Currently working at
Present Time i am working with QA infotech. I've always wanted to be able to do something which had a positive impact on the society.QA InfoTech to realize my vision. In my previous gigs, I was happy with what I was doing, and was professionally successful.
Required Reading
I would suggest the following resources: Online/Print editions of Better Software Magazine/Sticky Minds from SQE (Software Quality Engineering) Online/Print editions of Information Week A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design - Lee Copeland The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention - Marc McDonald, Robert Musson, Ross Smith
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