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Mohammed Asif Ali

Mohammed Asif Ali

Software Engineer
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About Mohammed Asif Ali's family

My Family Background is Good we are three brothers and one sister and my father is Retired Police Department, Mother is Home Maker and my elder brother is a Senior Technical Lead and North America Lead of MS-CRM for PreSales and Solutions in Microsoft in USA.
The Journey So Far
My Career Started with the Softpal Technologies and currently working there from the last 4+years, I was deployed into many projects in .NET as well Websites and currently i am working on MSCRM from the last 2 years and Currently looking for Change.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My Responsibility is Creating the Applications Using MS-CRM using .NET and Sql-Server, before i used to create applications only using .NET with Sqlserver2008, JavaScript, and other various third party controls
Plans for the Future
I want to be in US or In India with a Good Positions.
Degrees that Matter
No Certifications in Testing only in Development i.e for Application Development in .NET and SqlServer2008.
Role Model
I was a Fresher when our Company Senior Employees trying for the FlexBox like Google and they are not getting but when i tried i got it so at the same time my manager was with me so that was my greatest time good time.
Parting thoughts
Yes i am interesting in Development but not in Testing
Currently working at
Application Development using MSCRM,.NET,and SqlServer2008.
Changes in the industry
Many Different Softwares has in the industry for QA and Testing.
Most Important Decisions
Career Decisions are to change the Platforms from .NET to MSCRM and inspite of Bsc to B-Tech
A Fine Balance:
Basically our life is made into Challenge and Specially in our Field we have lot of work pressure, so we take it quiet and simple and the work goes.
Most Important Lessons
Specially Politics into small groups and companies to the big companies and very good experience in Client Places.
Essential Advice
But, I don't have any Idea about QA/Testing but it is ok i would like to know about this.
Areas for the Future
i feel that any Field is most Important and we should not take it as Easy.
Points of inflection
there are many ways of inflection come into life and it is mainly the problems comes in Family problems and Company or else with Friends, But i will manage everything Parallel way.
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