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Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari

QA Analyst/Lead
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About Manoj Tiwari's family

My family belongs to Agra, The city of Taj Mahal. I stay with my parents and two brother (one younger & one elder) at Noida. My father is a real estate consultant and mother is housewife. My elder brother is a lawyer and doing practice at Noida, younger brother is working with National Newspaper.
Tech trends to watch out for
As far as technology is concerned in QA/Testing space, I am looking forward for cloud computing, flex based systems, security of virtual networks etc. For me its really a challenging task to deal with cloud computing networks or application which works in cloud computing, it shows us the real world.
Required Reading
I would not recommend any specific books but I would recommend few websites & blogs and tutorials on the internet. Following are the list of websites & blogs: 1. 2. 3. 4.
Degrees that Matter
There is no such degree which will help in QA/Testing but any degree is OK which tells you about software engineering and its phases but there are certifications which can help. As per today needs for QA/Testing, someone can have following certifications: 1. ISTQB 2. CSQA 3. Certified SCRUM Maste
Changes in the industry
QA/Testing industry has changed a lot as I started testing with simple websites & products written in simple ASP, JSP, HTML pages and now a days we are testing complex applications based on flex, multitier architectures, etc. security testing is has become important as we manage hyge data over net.
Most Important Decisions
I started my career with Central Government organization, CDAC Noida. I got opportunity to become W3C member and to manage W3C India office and I took the responsibility with managing other technical projects there. After three years time, I decided to move into QA/Testing from Development.
Currently working at
my current job profile includes but not limited to following things: 1. Responsible for delivering packages and patches for product. 2. Writing test plans, test cases, review of test cases for different products. 3. Assist teams to do there job smoothly and resolve the hurdles coming in there way
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I am currently responsible for all kind of QA/Testing work being done for products. It might be reviewing test cases or might be improvement of some processes for whole QA. This is different from my previous profile as previously I was managing development of products with various technologies.
Most Important Lessons
The very important lesson I learned was people generally loose there control over there person life while making them busy in professional life and thats the point where problem starts. Someone should maintain proper balance between these two lifes then it becomes easier to concentrate on your work.
Essential Advice
I would recommend following things for someone who is looking to start career in QA/Testing: 1. Know first about software engineering and its various phases. 2. Know about current technology trends in industry like now a days Agile is getting more popularity then traditional models so learn them.
Points of inflection
When I decided to move into QA/Testing from development that have changed lot of things for me. I got the chance to learn manyu things after that. I enhanced my knowledge in terms of technology and processes. I have also implemented SCRUM process and tools to improve many things within organization.
Role Model
Yes, I would like to tell you about him. My role model is working with CDAC Noida in capacity of Director. I learned a lot from him the way he handles the work, people and other things during work. The way to communicate with others in a politely manner. I never see pressure on his face during work.
Areas for the Future
As per my understanding, I will recommend following things which will matter most in future: 1. Testing of security systems 2. Performance testing 3. Automation not only functional but white box as well 4. Testing in Agile/SCRUM processes is a challenge specially for testers. 5. OpenSource tech
A Fine Balance:
I maintain my work life balance so that I can work without any pressures during work. Before I start, I plan my work at daily basis and how I am going to achieve, it gives me the flexibility to manage how I want but not others and finish all my assignments whatever I plan for the day.
Plans for the Future
I see myself as a valuable assest to the organization where anyone can trust on me and also whatever skills and experience I have within me, I can excel that and also can help organizations or industry with lots of improvements in processes so that we can save time and money for our industry.
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