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Manoj Gupta

Manoj Gupta

cyber cafe
NICS computer
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Manoj Gupta's Experience
NICS computer, charbagh , lucknow
Manoj Gupta's Education

About Manoj Gupta's family

My family belong very open nature. all family member share any problem/matter very easily to each other and get good solution. My wife is ideal member in my family mostly her decision is very important for all person. I believe our self confidence and our experience knowledge.My four younger brother
Most Important Lessons
Experience is very important thing and always follow pre concept and technique so can be say experience not be compare to another thing. Before 18 year each day I learn a new thing that are very typical but today its convert all thing is easy. When I first get lecture so I feel get a great accevemen
Essential Advice
Be carefully lesion the word of another person after then follow which thing that are personally your mind makeup. Always follow the senior instruction not be apply personal logic/theme. For successment only one fanda always follow rule regulation and do the job step by step
A Fine Balance:
Do all work fully planing and divide the work to each other that persons avalable in your team. without plan and rule not be do any thing.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Worked as a lecturer ,I teach c++, ms office, fundamental, windows etc. and appoint as a external examiner co-coordinator from CBSE. In previous post worked as a center head where manage the admission planning, advertisement, admission resources etc.
Points of inflection
Today I achieved all target and fully confident in own field. can do solve all problem related to Hardware and software.
Changes in the industry
My personal interest change so change the track. because can do all thing.
Required Reading
R.P.jain for digtal electronics BPB publication/ Tata-Mc graw hill wikipidia where you can find all conclusion concept and practically always use mostly search on Google for specific topic.
Currently working at
Prsently teach C++ and Do Hardware work.
Most Important Decisions
Very important Joining of Hardware course. because 80% problem can diagnose with HW.
Degrees that Matter
NO degree in field of Networking , Only do HW course and personal/practically knowledge auto maintain the networking concept and others.
Areas for the Future
Fault diagnostic and trouble shooting like as system hanging setting of BIOS
The Journey So Far
Before 19 year I belong in field of computer ,. at present I feel just like a toy.
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