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Malikireddy Krishnareddy

Malikireddy Krishnareddy

DCT Systems Engineer
Getrag SystemTechnik Cie & KG
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Malikireddy Krishnareddy's Experience
Product Manager/Project Manager/Manager/Supervisor/Team Leader
Getrag SystemTechnik Cie & KG, Villingen, Germany
Professional (e.g. Engg., IT Developer, Marketing Executive etc.)
Siemens VDO Automotive ( Continental AG), Regensburg, Germany
Professional (e.g. Engg., IT Developer, Marketing Executive etc.)
Synopsys GmBH, Aachen, Germany
Reasearch Assistant
RWTH , Aachen., Aachen, Germany
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Malikireddy Krishnareddy's Education
Rastreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering
RWTH , Aachen

About Malikireddy Krishnareddy's family

My father is a General Surgeon. Mother is a House wife. I have two siblings, one elder and one younger ,elder is a Diabetologist and younger one is a SAP consultant. I come from a average financial background. Had no issues to pay academic costs.
A Fine Balance:
It is a clear point on ones sensitiveness and need for it , being in EU for a long time ,i do have a clear idea of prirotization of tasks, on both ends, family and work. In work i manage to handle and plan things so that nothing on family side is compromised.
Changes in the industry
Iam aware of QA testing in Automotive Control software. Nonetheless, it has improved a lot , as per norms being coming up and regulations to be followed in terms of levels of quality tests needed. Many feel quality is a process oriented result , but it also is a measure of competence & responsibilit
Degrees that Matter
Like mentioned , there is a need for awareness with responsibility. One should oversee that testing is less than development. Testing is equally important and not with any certifications. If one questions themselves how to arrive at Quality, then certifications can be a training material to study.
Currently working at
Presently, iam a Senior Manager at Mercedes Benz Research and Development , India. I am incharge for BU future Mobility , dealing with Fuel cells and Battery systems for Electric and Hybrid vehicles of Mercedes.
Areas for the Future
1. Framework to test things. 2. Clear understanding of requirements. 3. Complexity identification and there by applying needed strategies. 4. Many test strategies have to be revised.
Parting thoughts
About what?
Essential Advice
Start seriously working with functional requirements, be a part of requirements analysis , dont allow any development, which is not testable.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Current role is management of technology needs and Technology road map , previous roles was where i was myself the concept developer, Implementer and tester myself.
Role Model
In terms of quality , one time i read , where someone said , Mediocricity is not accepted if we can perform better. I feel that is the resposibility one needs to have in QA. This statement really made a lot of difference in my attitude towards work we do and also in profession.
Most Important Decisions
Did not join so called in Demand courses, went always behind interest and feel that i can understand this better. While doing my thesis i realised that , being able to think in the domain is the main criteria of choice in career direction.
Plans for the Future
Being a very appreciated Manager and would be glad if i can be a cause and support for emission free cars in India. I really want to be a driving force behind the cause.Position and title in this regards i believe is good but not compulsory.
The Journey So Far
It was a slow but always new things to learn.
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