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About Kunal Saxena's family

Father: (Mechanical Engineer)Ret Sr Lecturer in Polytechnic Mother: (M Sc in Chemistry) House Wife Brother: (B Tech Computer Science) Software Engineer in CISCO
Work Accomplishments
Currently I am working in Globallogic as Sr Lead Test Engineer. I am working in Global logic for the past 7 years. 1. Learned how to handle peoples. (boss, colleagues and juniors) 2. Learned Perl. (text parsing, socket programming, email 3. Learned to write complex macros in exel
Better future for my kids.
Difficulties at initial Stage
Hardwork Hardwork Hardwork and Learn Learn Learn .
Professional Advice
Always be receptive and never fear from hardwork . Make a time frame and keep on learning new things
Current Role in The Organization
Currently I am working in Globallogic as Sr Lead Test Engineer. I am working in Global logic for the past 7 years. i.How to manage and talk with people. ii.Learned Test Partner GUI tool
Doing Differently
Make a TO DO List, and keep on learning new things and technology. Office work will always be there and learning will make you bigger.
important career decisions
When our company asked me to move to Bangalore or quit, I decided to move to Bangalore even when physical and mental state of both of us was not stable. (only 6 months since our accident)
Role Comparison
I am Sr lead Test Enginner. I was leading a team of 8 peoples earlier but during recession my automation team is wiped off. And now for the past 1.5 years I am working in a IC role. 1. Doing automation of product, enhancing and maintaining it 2. writing macros for excel
Reference and Sharing
Leadership Quality
I need to automate 3 projects and timelines given are very short. As a lead I hired 2 contract resources and 2 permanent resources. Created a automation project plan and tracked everyone’s weekly task and issue faced and updated to QA director. I don’t wanted to slip timelines,
Working Preference
"I will prefer not work with adamant person who is not ready to listen to others. Good Manager or team player is the one who listen to his team members, before coming to a conclusion . "
1. ISTQB Certification 2. CSQA , CSTE, CTM 3. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (SSBB)
Success Path
Personally yes I am successful, reaching at this point from NULL to here in 3 years is an achievement. Professionally : I can’t think I am successful , because it will hinder my growth .
Strongest Point
According to my previous supervisor, my strongest point that I solve every problem intelligently.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I continuously strive to learn new things. Last year I learned socket programming in Perl, writing macros for excel and OOPs programming in perl
Contribution by you
I am 7 year old employee of Globallogic and takes part in organizing events. Regarding client for which I am working polariswireless, I do what no other person knows or do . Automation and writing macros for excel. (Created template in excel which generates csv file by pushing button)
Prized Accomplishment
When I forgot everything after accident, I need to stand up again from NULL. It took hardwork , determination and continuous striving to achieve the goal and above all support of the family , which helped me fight with the world to prove my existence.
Money V/S Work
Journey so far
I came out of college during recession. So even when I was very good in programming there were NO jobs. Finally I got a job in BPO as a network admin, with a salary of 4000/ per month. It was a night shift job and I was responsible for upload and download 80 GB of data daily .
Growing Strategy
1. I make a note of the things I have to learn. 2. Every month visit that list to check where I am 3. I select one new language or certification or new concepts from my TO DO LIST
Work Ethics
1. Be vocal 2. Clarify your points and doubts, never keep it to your mind. 3. Be open with your team members. 4. Help team member in personal and professional hurdles , so that they can concentrate on their task.
Boss Qualities
1. Should listen to his team members. 2. Should be energetic and have to fill energy in team . 3. Person should stick to his decisions. 4. Boost team members in learning new technologies and doing certifications
Position Preference
QA Manager . (I am good technically and also in handling team and tracking timelines. )
Career Disappointments
I wanted to become Manager and my managers line during appraisal discussion was “Kunal you are intelligent, hardworking, taken projects single handedly and completed it. You have done Automation, You are single point of contact in automation. You are very good in handling team. You have done PMP cer
Long working hours
Many times. When Joined new company: I have to show my presence, so working more than what my manager can think of. And always tried to achieve double the target set for me. After Accident: Learning everything,
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