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Keerthi Kulkarni

Keerthi Kulkarni

Head - Software Quality Assurance
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The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
I started my career ladder by working as an Applications Manager at Ostfold Software. Currently, I head the Software Quality Assurance at Roamware, a global Mobile Operator Service Solution company.

I have overall 14+ years of experience in the IT industry spread across various roles and functions like Software Quality Assurance, Software testing, Technical Services - Pre and Post-sales support, Project Management for development and Implementation projects. This experience was gained by working for some of the reputed companies like - iflex solution (Oracle Financial Software), Compuware, Micro Focus and Roamware.
Decisions That Mattered
Have bravely accepted challenges as opportunities and not shied away from moving to a totally new field to accomplish it. Started a career in Sales, then moved to Testing and am now responsible for Defining and implementing processes for a company.

This decision of being flexible to pursue opportunities and accomplish them has been the reason for the success I have achieved in my career.
The Turning Points
Individually, based on my understanding of my core skills I moved towards an independent contributor role from a people manager role has helped to realize my goals - one of the Inflection point in my career.
Work and Role: Then and Now
The roles are different and hence the work and responsibilities too are different. At Micro Focus was working as the Head of Technical services - responsible for the Pre and Post-sales support for the Test Automation products within India, SAARC region.

Currently working as the Head of Software Quality Assurance at Roamware, primary responsibilities include defining, framing and implementing software processes for the company both Engineering and IT governance. Take the company towards industry standard certifications like ISO 27001 and 9001.

Reason for change is Opportunity for newer challenges and trying out something new.
Two Years Down the Line
Being flexible is the Key. Goal is to utilize my core skill sets to help smaller/medium sized companies set and achieve tough goals.
What I Learnt Along the Way
Irrespective of the field, profession, job and position - personal integrity is the key.

Ability to deliver on commitments is the only qualification for success.
Trends to Watch Out For
Currently I work for Telecom domain - the area where maximum innovation is happening in both technical and business opportunity aspect. These fields require an environment conducive for quick realization of concepts into products and mass implementation. All activities like - be it engineering or Process guidance should cater to these requirements.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
Technical skill set can take you to only a certain extent in your career. Ability to learn and adapt is the key for success and survival.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
Techniques: Defect prediction models
Tools: Intuitive automation tools - OS independent
Testing Types: Security testing (Data integrity) and Performance testing in the Non-intrusive mode
Do We Need Certifications?
Testing not being a regular subject in any University, Certifications have helped me in understanding the subject in a more structured way. CSTE, CSQA would help most testers, further certificates can be specific to their specialized field.
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