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I belong from a middle class family , My Father is expired on my education career. My Mother is Housewife. I am single.
Most Important Lessons
I started my professional career in IT in 2005 as a Junior Software engineer and Learnt a lot from the corporate environment in my early stage. The main important lessons I have learnt are proper management of time,be flexible,Business mind & be always professional and respect for Individual.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I love to take responsibility and ownership of any task as this makes feel individual delivering own product and taking care keeping in mind Quality and in Time. As I am software professional,my current role includes Design Review, estimates, creating Plan, development and Support the deliverables.
Role Model
Martin Fowler(employee of ThoughtWorks), An author,speaker 881984 essentially a loud-mouthed pundit in the topic of Software design, development. He focuses more on understanding way to design in such a way to increase productivity of software development. He also focus
Most Important Decisions
To learn and keep updating self with the latest technologies and methodologies in software engineering & create a Software company that will THINK ,ANALYSIS to deliver self education tools & App to be used by poor people community.
Areas for the Future
MY simple understandable and well documented codes with proper exception handled will always increase the future developers INTEREST's to be able to Re-use and apply the same technique in their design & development.
Points of inflection
When I joined IT company and I was assigned tasks,I found myself a creative & very hard-working person(while I hate physical work) then nowdays I realised that I have developed a strange love with coding and I spent hours sitting in front of computers and do not get bore.
Degrees that Matter
I have completed many certifications from the Big IT Giants IBM, Oracle & SUN. completed the Key quality certifications of QPACE and Six Sigma for Lean managements. Please check section of slide share section in below for certifications
Changes in the industry
Many advanced tools have been introduced for finding Bug and reporting the poor code. The defect tools like ClearQuest,SNOW 881984 Jeera are powerful tools to track the defects and manage progresh the same for an application
Currently working at
I am currently performing as senior engineer and leading & coordinating with client team for the successful defect free delivery .
Essential Advice
Any software component without a Quality is useless and less worth and no one prefers the same. So Quality is very important in deliverables and by Tests. To learn at first the basics of latest QA and Testing processes and engage fully into them.
Tech trends to watch out for
SaaS - Software as a Service . TDD - Test Driven development . Web based applications. SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
Plans for the Future
I see myself analysing problems to get proper simple solutions for new requirements , becoming a designer and solution provider.
A Fine Balance:
The software web applications have made life easy from past, Many works we achieve sitting at our desks and clicking a few buttons. I try my all activities go DIGITAL and no physical work.
The Journey So Far
I started my career in IT in 2005 with Accenture services Pvt Ltd as a Junior Software engineer and now I am part of Smarter Planet International Business Machine(Applying my Thoughts).
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