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Career Profile:
We are actually in the process of initiating another dynamic area in the field that we are already in currently. So, right now besides the financing and getting a team together, I'll be responsible for the marketing, logistics as well as being key contact in certain strategic regions like India.
Role Model:
There're so many, and I think it changes during various stages of my life. Right now, I am inspired and motivated by Richard Branson for his passion, drive, spirit and his inner desire to keep doing the impossible while also giving back to society. His energy and zest to explore new areas amazes me.
Job Profile:
I am a entrepreneur at heart. That is the general role I play in life basically. I initiate, implement and manage various information while getting a strategic team together, to kick-start an idea or vision that we may have. Right now, I am spearheading a new Project overseeing most of the key areas
The Journey So Far:
Overall, its been a wonderful and enlightening experience. There have been ups and downs, some things that have worked and some that didn't. But I have learnt a lot from all of it, and it has been key in my development and as a businessman. And I wouldnt change anything as its made me who I am today
Advice For New Professionals:
My advice would be to take things one day at a time and also not to take things too personally. Just an importantly, enjoy the journey, make the most of it, and learn as much as you can along the way. Don't loose yourself and take time out for your family, friends and try to give back to society.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
I think even though we are more connected today, we are loosing that personal touch. I also feel that things are bit a more aggressive as we have become more immune to the society around us. But things have also become more simpler in connecting with others, and there're more opportunities available
Degrees That Matter:
Nothing specific. However, one should never stop learning regardless. Be it advanced degrees or seminars or certificates as the case may be. If the chance is there, one should go for it, as education is key. Its important to continue keeping a good grasp of your own field, and the world in general.
Other Thoughts:
As we embark upon our journey in life within the corporate world, we should never forget where we came from, who we are, our roots and culture. It's these things who make us who we are, and separates us from the rest. Its something we should all be proud and cherish, and also use that as our compass
Done Differently:
I dont think I would do anything differently. Cause even with the mistakes or things that didn't work out as I had planned or hoped - they all taught me something valuable, and I am what I am also because of it. It also has made me stronger and wiser, and is a part of me and my experience.
Growth Strategy:
I continue to taking various courses, completing different certificates, attending valuable seminars and conferences. I try to grasp as much as I can, and try to learn from others as much as I can. I will read and explore. Also, I try to reflect often, see what and where I can improve and change.
Plans For The Future:
I hope to see myself making a difference in the lives of others through my own businesses. I am hoping that I can give back to society in the most appropriate way. I don't want to be a businessman that came and went, and just focused on the bottom line. I want to use my business in a positive way.
Required Reading:
There are quite a few. Such as Delivering Happiness by T Hsieh, Direct from Dell by M. Dell, Lincoln on Leadership by D Philips and Lessons from Gandhi by K. Nair. Also, all books by J. Maxwell, J. Welsh, R. Branson and K. Blanchard. Websites include BCC, WSJ, NYTimes, Forbes, FT, CNBC and Bloomberg
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