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Gaurav Sadanand Gupta

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Gaurav Sadanand Gupta's Experience
Software Developer
Gaurav Sadanand Gupta's Education

About Gaurav Sadanand Gupta's family

My Dad is Civil Engineer working as Class2 Officer with Maharashtra Govt.My Mom is a housewife who parallely looks after small Garment Shop.I have younger brother who has completed his BBA,3 basic modules of tax certification & now he will be going for MBA.
Most Important Decisions
Going for B.E.After that a P.G Diploma course which was a turning point for Job Hunting
Changes in the industry
I have seen Manual Testing to Automation testing it is the journey of evolution in Software field.The major change was in the process followed from time to time.Security of software was never tested but i recently mastered over breaking the security of financial domain software.
The Journey So Far
I was always an average student with Higher second class in my Graduation & Post Graduation Diploma."Companies are running on Balance sheet but not on Marksheet".This was proven by me in short period.Previously None of the Mnc were giving me chance but now they r offering me.
Currently working at
I am working as a Software Developer prior to that I have worked on every part n parcel of Sdlc.
Degrees that Matter
Read one book written by Rajib Mall...that is God Book of Testing.
Role Model
Denis Ritchie & Ken Thomson the original Geeks who developed Mother Operating System UNIX FOR FREE.Their passion towards computers n the history of Unix creation r most wonderful stories i ever heard.
A Fine Balance:
Its not challenge if we manage it.....Work is different & Life is different.Disciplined life & efficient quality work delivery can irradicate all problems.
Areas for the Future
Security,Speed,Accuracy,portability & Look n Feel.
Plans for the Future
Software Enterprenuer.
Essential Advice
Please call me 08657427892 ON SUNDAYS.
Parting thoughts
There are many things but characters r less.
Most Important Lessons
Never be professional....Always love ur work never love ur company coz.."I worked for Money but people working in my organisation were Hired for Loyalty...For Loyalty only Dogs are nice"
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