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Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Business Manager
SRS Group
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Gaurav Sharma's Experience
Mktg Mgr
SRS Group, Faridabad, INDIA
Associate/ Sr. Associate -(NonTechnical)
BA Continuum Solution pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, INDIA
Sales Exec./ Investment Advisor
Barclays Bank Plc, Coventry, UK
Gaurav Sharma's Education
Coventry University, UK
Coventry University - UK

About Gaurav Sharma's family

My father is a PGT teacher in Department of Education, Delhi and mother is a house wife. I have two younger brother no sister. My Grandfather and Grand mother are retired teacher as well and both were PHD in Hindi and English. I am a self learner who has gained knowledge from self experience.
Most Important Decisions
The first decision that i had taken when i was a child and i took commerce instaed of science inspite of my parents and school principle pressure. Then i decided to study abroad to study , gain professional communication, personality development and gaining my self decision making power.
Points of inflection
I joined as a Financial Advisor in Barclays , U.K to work in sales and service role where i was ranked No 1 in all UK in 2006 and 2007.I joined BA Continuum Solutions where i have been a mentor and given training and serve SME role. In SRS Group i have managed Business Marketing and Operation Insigh
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My current role involves Business Management through marketing research and Devl to provide solution based on the research findings. All organizations that i have worked for are different in domain and industries but i say that i have experience in all to provide mix consultation for IT & marketing.
A Fine Balance:
I feel morning mediation as my perfect solution which provides me inner strength to keep my self calm all the day and be energetic. In the evening i workout on regular basis to remove stress from work and others and give proper attention and time to my family. It makes me confident & self motivated.
Tech trends to watch out for
I have been watching new gadgets and technology coming in the market such as ipad, cloud computing and agumented reality which are th next generation technology. Using them correctly there number of promotional project which can be started i.e Providing Ipad in hotels rooms to order food and so on..
Most Important Lessons
Never feel stressed, Always become agressive and have courage to take risk (risk of trying new things, technology and ideas) without thinking about the failure. Always believe in your self and never loose hope and faith in you. Always ready to take challanges and overcome failure.
Parting thoughts
I would like to share my thoughs on Development. We all should grow ourself and develop our self in three ways. Professional to earn, Personal to make our self confident, personality to identify the hidden X factor in our self. If we do these development techniques we are ready for any challange.
Changes in the industry
It terms of technology and methods of performing task to make a product more optimized in terms of quality. Reducing the chances of making error and following Six sigma tools. 1 defect per million opportunities.
Plans for the Future
I see myself working on a more challanging role because my hunger to learn and gain on the job experience is not over and will not be over for next 4 years. i would like to be an a worker rather than instructor at the initial stage of my career which will make me best for later stages.
Role Model
All the leaders that i have worked with till date. Especially Mr.Tinku Singh my group president who inspire me to learn and make myself self devoted towards my work. He himself is a Leader who has gained knowledge by working on different roles in different industries and apply his skills efficiently
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