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Gajanan Patil

Gajanan Patil

Sr QA Analyst
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About Gajanan Patil's family

I have my parents, wife and my daughter in my family. the base of my family is simple living and high thinking. we all enjoy our every moment in the life. we are comitted to spread smiles to everybody around us.
The Journey So Far
Very strange Not even tought I will be in IT sector. being Engg graduate in Telecommunications I always wanted to be in that field. after struggling 2 years from 2002 to 2004 I got my first break through in IT. before that I was worked with Noble wireless Pune and ROM Computers Mumbai.
Plans for the Future
Being a technological focused area; I wouold prefer myself as a QA Architect.
Areas for the Future
I personally feel Automation & Performance Testing, will be must area for a testing perofessionals. Knowledge on creation, validation and enhancement of test automation framework is very much required. But we should not underestimate role of Manual Testing.
Role Model
My Father, I am here because of him only, I remember me and my father always had a healthy discussion on quality control, he being an incharge of the Quality Control Department in Defence service always try to put real facts and its importance in front of me.
Tech trends to watch out for
Telecom Testing sector is one of the favorite in my watch list.I always try to get new stuff to make myself uptodate. Frankly Automation & performance testing always on my radar. I try to get knwoledge about them and see where we can implement it to carry my routine work.
Most Important Lessons
Be Profficient, always Respect your work and must keep your enthusiasam running along with you. Success will come automatically to you.
A Fine Balance:
Stick to the time and always try to finish off tasks on time with quality. always avoid doing official work from home.
Changes in the industry
Yes It is, if you consider client, he is always ask for Quality deliverables, that enables team to focus on the quality, and to achieve it we have not left adopting new trends in Testing arena. this gives lots of technological involvment that eventually improved the overall functioning in QA stream.
Essential Advice
Those who have qualities to deliver quality beyond the expections should choose testing as career; Others please excuse and most importantly believe yourself, at last your are the only responsible to build your career.
Currently working at
- Acting as consultant for technical issues in QA Dept. - Setting up new process. - Database Testing - Product Testing
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