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Dhupati Ratnakiran

Dhupati Ratnakiran

software engineer
OSI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
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About Dhupati Ratnakiran's family

I am a middle class family and my father is the retire engineer and i am married and my wife is house wife and i am having 1 son 4yr old and i am having 1 brother and 1 sister. sister got married 1yr back and brother is searching for job.
Degrees that Matter
No I am not having any certifications in Testing domain.
Essential Advice
Interest is the main thing if any one interested to do QA/Testing be keen while testing. Think different use cases and try to bring up more bugs, when more bugs are there then the product will get stable.
The Journey So Far
My career starts from DRDO and I worked on RTOS on embedded systems and after that I worked on Flextronics bangalore in this company I worked on telecom products and after that i worked in space labs and there i work on health care systems and now i am working in qualcomm
Most Important Lessons
Be honest and expose your work correctly
Most Important Decisions
For the better opportunity I changed from DRDO to Flextronics
Plans for the Future
I am little bit confident from the past
Points of inflection
I missed the RTOS work in DRDO and after that i dint get that type of work
Areas for the Future
scripting is the most important
A Fine Balance:
Based on the priority I will do the work and calculate the time for each work and any delay is occur for any work intimate the region for the delay and get the time line.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
current role is to develop the automations and write API test cases for modules and any crashes occur do T32 debugging to find out the problem. In previous profile it is purely development work
Currently working at
Preparing and managing the automations for different branches.Integarting the changes requested by customer to the branch from the fix already available branch. Debugging the test cases by using Trace32 tool.Debugging the issues by using Visual studio.Developed BL2 Test Cases for MediaPMD,TextClt.
Changes in the industry
yes it was changed drastically
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