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Deva Senapathy Nataraj

Deva Senapathy Nataraj

General Manager
K E T Polytechnic College
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Deva Senapathy Nataraj's Experience
K E T Polytechnic College, Krishnagiri, INDIA
Vishala enterprises, Hosur, INDIA
Tech Director
GCPL, Ahmedabad, INDIA
Product Development Mgr
Rane brake linings Limited, Hosur, INDIA
Deva Senapathy Nataraj's Education
Central Polytechnic

About Deva Senapathy Nataraj's family

Second son to my parents. A moderate background.Did my Engineering.I was technically successful but could not shine well as a businessman.I quit business and heading QA dept of a business house manufacturing testing machines.Married to an English teacher,have two daughters.
Tech trends to watch out for
Trend is very good.Requires lot of expertise in engg application,interface with electrical,electronics,instrumentation and software apart from tooling and handling.But we find a lot of shortage in knowledge in core subjects as people take up to IT and keep changing jobs
Changes in the industry
It has changed a lot because of varied and advanced requirements and off late many organizations insist on testing their products particularly in auto sector 100%
Most Important Lessons
I learn t many things and one among them is that unless we keep ourselves updated, we will be outdated
Most Important Decisions
That one should venture in business if he/she has nothing to lose or has every thing that he/she wont lose
Plans for the Future
I see lot of ways to improve myself and my organization if given a fair chance but honestly, I live in the present
Parting thoughts
Of course many things.I find that there are many malpractices in engineering education.Weak faculties without adequate knowledge and confidence.Distance education in engineering does damage to the country as many graduates emerge (?) without writing examinations
A Fine Balance:
I have to.As I loved engineering since younger age,I involve in my profession fully in spite of many odds and does not bother about them and keep doing my duties sincerely.
The Journey So Far
I wanted to learn from the beginning of my career hence joined private organizations.I was bent upon sticking to my core subject.when i felt that there was no recognition but only exploitation, I quit few jobs.I did not join any Govt jobs because I felt I may not have been permitted to do any thing
Points of inflection
Many.When one is employed in private sector, one may be forced to do some thing which may not be good to the organization but such things made me quit as I have a different policy not to deceive myself and the organization I was working for.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I feel my present employers really want to improve and are honest and this is a different experience for me
Essential Advice
This is an important requirement for any business house of any nature. But totally a thankless profession. No QA personnel will be appreciated by owners if the business is profitable and is the other way if the business fail
Degrees that Matter
Apart from academic certificates,knowledge in depth,dedication and patience are required. Apart from this open mind to accept views and update one self about the subject
Role Model
One person Mr Ruskino, Mg director of an organization in Mumbai, who took machine building industry by storm single handedly
Currently working at
We manufacture testing machines for various applications.I look after total QA,of raw materials,workability of design,their manufacturability, guiding the sources to do manufacturing,check them, guiding corrections and see that the equipment succeds
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