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Dev Raj Wodeyar

Dev Raj Wodeyar

Managing Director and CEO
Innomono Laboratories (P) Ltd.
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Dev Raj Wodeyar's Experience
Research Scientist
Innomono Laboratories (P) Ltd., Hyderabad, INDIA
Dev Raj Wodeyar's Education
Vishnu Educational Society

About Dev Raj Wodeyar's family

I belong from a well settled, educated family.My father is a BS(Tech) Graduate, runs a company which serves the engineering purposes for heavy machinery manufacturing.My Mother is a B.Com(Hons) Graduate, currently a home maker.My Brother is pursuing his Intermediate education.
The Journey So Far
During my II year of graduation,I aspired of doing something in the healthcare industry.Subsequently i innovated green processes for extraction of marine polymers.Since then my Entrepreneurial journey was triggered.
Role Model
I don't have Role model's.Because unless we don't dream and inspire us to fetch it.No philosophy can assist you to make it.If we will,then definitely we will do.We are the positive hope to us.
Most Important Decisions
The moment i realized my path.My career was fixed and clear.I aspire to contribute and stabilize the healthcare system.I was in trouble-waters while to standup in the industry but the picture was very clear and my company's vision was framed.
Changes in the industry
In the past 4 years i have seen India becoming a regulatory market unlike it wasn't earlier.Now it becomes a task for every employee from ground to tables to understand few policies framed by the regulatory authorities and implement those regulations.This improves and authenticates the quality.
Currently working at
I am the Founder,Managing Director and CEO of Innomono Laboratories Private Limited,India
Most Important Lessons
It is possible to pursue our academic interests and work at the same time.There is no wrong way to accomplish professional development.The important part is investing our self in learning—pursuing what you are passionate about while seeking engaging methods of accomplishing your goals.Be Creative.
Essential Advice
Be an independent worker.Fetch good knowledge on finding Bugs,Bug reporting skill,Automate your work,Test cases and designing,Testing completeness and coverage.Be Creative, A disciplined Team player.And add confidence to your communication.
Areas for the Future
Financial domain is the ever green area for expertise.QA for healthcare and Pharmaceuticals is other inevitable option.The demand for niche skills like SOA testers, Security testers are on the increase.Command on scripting languages like Perl, Shell, Python will boost your career enormously.
Points of inflection
We were successful in implementing our strategies to give away the better quality to the clients and sustaining the monopoly in the market i.e providing a one of its kind product.My company name innomono justifies our strategies.This was the inflection point which changed the phase of our company.
Degrees that Matter
Expertise in QA is just to get immersed in the field.Your certificates or degrees will recommend you to the company for a job but not make you enough able to work in QA.Because what you learn and what to apply on a practical platform is truly based on your personal ability that rises form work exp.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My responsibility is to control the policies of the company.I lay very stringent regulations to meet the quality requirements and implementing innovation at work.
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