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Deepak Kotwal

Deepak Kotwal

Quality Analyst
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About Deepak Kotwal's family

There are 4 persons are living in my family including me. My father Mr. Premlal Kotwal is retired person from MSRTC, my mother Nirmala Kotwal is housewife and my grand mother is now taking rest due to old age of her.
Role Model
My father is inspire person for me. He teach me the lesson of HONESTY and HARDWORKING in my life which always inspires me. They always motivate me give courage. When I found myself in trouble or in problem i remember their sentence they try to solve problem I get the success.
Most Important Lessons
Be confident and honest about your work. Maintain the professional relation with team member and other colleagues. Always maintain the positive and helpful environment in team which tries to make our work easy.
Most Important Decisions
I want to be master in automation testing and system testing.
Areas for the Future
I am having specialization automation testing and system testing in QA domain and also i grasp and understand the product on which i am working. These things will matter most in my future and carrier.
Required Reading
I want to recommend the Book is "software Testing" author Ron Patton and published by Sams Publishing. Online social group is "" and Website is and
Points of inflection
I have completed my BE in Electronics and Telecommunication and after I did the course 'Software Quality Testing' and now i am working in software company as the Quality Analyst. I have changed my domain and successfully working in Software field.
A Fine Balance:
I understand the challenge perfectly then I make a perfect smart planning about the work. Give the help from colleague and internet think logically and try it to do. Be honest about your work accept the new way about work.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My previous profile was as Software Tester i was execute only basic test cases and logged defect. But current profile is Quality Analyst, I am also executing the test scenario and test plans and also writing test cases. which are something different than previous profile.
The Journey So Far
After completion of course Software Testing I start my carrier in small scale software company on contract as Software Tester and learns the practical testing and testing fundamentals and concepts. On the basis of 6 months experience and deep knowledge I get select as Quality Analyst.
Tech trends to watch out for
I am studying deeply about System Testing and Automation Testing. I want to be expert on those technologies.
Parting thoughts
I want to be perfectionist in my field and my domain.
Plans for the Future
I want to see myself within a couple of years as leading perfectionist in my field and master in system testing and automation testing.
Essential Advice
I like to give advice those people who want to start their carrier as QA/Testing domain that don't hesitate to start your carrier in small scale company or on small salary also, just start and learn software testing fundamentals gain knowledge.
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