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Circumcision Surgery Clinic

Circumcision Surgery Clinic

Circumcision Surgery Clinic
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Circumcision Surgery Clinic, Pune, INDIA
Circumcision Surgery Clinic's Education

About Circumcision Surgery Clinic's family

I come from a well educated family. My brothers are doctors,CA, Engineers etc. My father was accountant in a Govt.Firm,and my late mother was a secondary teacher.We are well educated by our beloved parents.The moral and social values were well implemented in our home and outside world.
Most Important Lessons
Neatly and sicerely done practise of professional skill always pays you good returns.
Parting thoughts
Dr.Sachin Kuber is a Pune based General and Hernia surgeon. He is M.S. in General Surgery( Shalyatantra ) . The need for giving expert treatment in this era is immense. To address the growing need of the netizens in this era he has come up with the clear and transparent advice for the needy patient.
Points of inflection
The struggle for existence in a highly skilled professional in our medical practise was inflection points in my career.I started my practise and to make my practise grow I registered a website and then it worked wonders. I was the one who understood importance of internet& start
The Journey So Far
I passed MS ( general surgery) in 2004 and started practice in 04.As a surgery consultant I established a specilty Hernia Surgery Clinic in Pune which caters to the special needs of the Hernia patients in India.Today we have extended our scope of surgical skill service as a specilty clinics .
Most Important Decisions
Till 2004 I was working as a surgery registrar at a hospital in Pune and 24 hours a day .But according to an advice from a senior surgeon I quit the job and started my own consulting practice.This was the most important career decision in my life.
Plans for the Future
I see as a senior and most reputed surgeon , highly skilled in Specilty Hernia surgery and Gastroenterology in Pune, with my own hospital.
A Fine Balance:
As a Doctor I am committed to Medical practice365*24*7 so it is a difficult question.But sometime I can manage to steal some hours for myself and family.
Currently working at
Dr.Sachin Kuber is a Pune based General and Hernia surgeon. He is M.S. in General Surgery ( Shalyatantra ) .Dr. Sachin Kuber is an internationally acclaimed General and Hernia surgeon and best selling author who is for 05 years on the faculty of the University of Tel aviv, Israel, School of Medicine
Required Reading
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Now I work as a full time consultant. Previously I was a Employee and Now I am a self Employed Professional.
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