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Chandrashekar Venkatappa

Chandrashekar Venkatappa

Director of Engineering
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About Chandrashekar Venkatappa's family

Born in Bangalore, India along with two sisters. Both sisters are MBA grads and working in HR and Telecom industry. Father retired from Agriculture University as a Assistant Comptroller. Mother is a house wife. My wife is a cosmetologist and have two kids who attend high and middle school.
Job Profile:
I work as a director of engineering for an US software development outfit to help start an ODC in Bangalore, India. I manage operations, delivery and technology aspects of the organization. I coach, mentor, train and work along with my engineers to ensure right technology and right implementation.
Working Life Management:
This is key of my life and promote this to all my employees and team members. I rely on Delegation and Empowerment and with its true definition I not only schedule my work but also my life. I'm able to get most of my work done such schedules and accordingly keep my family around me.
Done Differently:
Of many things I learnt, two major items that pricked me that I'm smart and I need to trust my strengths/confidence. So, I would start early and not wait for apples to drop in my basket. Next would be to reduce the time lapse from planning to execution. This is where I felt I lost the most.
The Journey So Far:
Started from streets selling stuff (u name it) to technology. Started as software language trainer and moved in as a programmer. From there onwards the steps was normal up to being a Software Engineering Manager. This point onwards interaction with people got me to a place where I currently I am.
Role Model:
I have several role models, however one person I would like to quote is my Architect who has the knack to perceive problems right at its face. What's more impressive is how attacks the problem and analyses solutions. Through this I have realized that my sole existence is to counter such problems
Career Profile:
Keep the team technically challenged and motivate them to do things right. In total I'm responsible for Architecture, Quality, Delivery, Support of the software products. In addition, I'm responsible for operations, infrastructure, softies, budget, consulting and training.
Advice For New Professionals:
Don't waste time. Don't work for others, work for yourself. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, quit, else you won't get too far. Remember software development is not about being all techie. Learn to market your self. Approach/Be approachable. And remember team is always stronger than one
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Several. Secured PMI in 3 days. Mastered US export controls in 2 months. Single handed managed concurrent product developments. On the spot delivery of seminar on Virtualization in front of 500 people. Learnt 3D modeling in 2 weeks. Best one yet to come -:)
Plans For The Future:
This is tricky. I see so many problems. And know I can solve them better than others. Problem is the difficulty to choose. Along with this motivation mileage and risk taking capacity keeps fluctuating which adds as factor to arrive at a decision. Good news is I'm shortlisting my options -:)
Degrees That Matter:
No. I have the aptitude to learn and capacity to learn on my own (and with help from experts). If I need a skill for a particular job, I learn, I excel, I apply and I mentor others. If my job mandates a certification, I will get it. One thing I dig is on case studies. It helps and I love it
Required Reading:
Harvard Publications. Read books on Philosophy, Business and Biology, since these are the roots for Technology. Talk/listen to people, they are worth hundreds of books. Finally, read anything you want, however think how would you rewrite that book. If you see differences, innovation follows
Growth Strategy:
I write down every mistake I make and ensure not to repeat. I am learning human behavior use it as my 'unsaid' feedback. I'm learning to be honest this way my messages are always consistent. Where diplomacy is needed I'm putting extra effort manage my trails.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
My teams/coworkers (all previous organization) love me to core, cause the environment I create around me has them addicted. My intention is spread the word that they all deserve the best in life and they can secure it best (rather than waiting for a policy/person to provide one)
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