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Anup Mohan Khobragade

Anup Mohan Khobragade

Test Engineer and SEO
Ayush Software Pvt. Ltd.
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QA - Expert
Anup Mohan Khobragade's Experience
QA/ QC Exec.
Ayush Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune, INDIA
Anup Mohan Khobragade's Education
S. P. College, Chandrapur

About Anup Mohan Khobragade's family

I am is Anup Mohan Khobragade, My father is a Forest officer, Mother is house wife and my brother studying B.E. in Amaravati.
Role Model
I am strongly believe that I have strong knowledge on web based application, and I learned very fast that is my positive point.
Degrees that Matter
I have done testing course from Mind-Script institute. As well as I have basic knowledge about Automation tools.
Areas for the Future
In software testing - Functionality testing Black box testing re-testing/regression testing link testing monkey testing integration testing SEO tags in web page smoke testing, etc
Plans for the Future
Within 4 to 5 years I would like to very best software test engineer in Manual and Automation test engineer in your company has on staff. I feel that I will be fully prepared take any greater responsibilities which might be presented in long term.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
In current organization I am working as Quality Analyst, here I am communicate with clients and understand their requirement, finding bugs, involve in meetings. In my previous company I was working as Test engineer where my role is finding bugs from application.
Most Important Lessons
In my professional life I learned how to do best and smart work. We have to do best for our organization.
Essential Advice
For software testing or QA he have to diplomatic, test to break attitude, negative thinking and he have to think like unthinkable. He have to communicate with developers Politely.
Tech trends to watch out for
Currently I am using Mozilla addons like Web developer toolbar, Y slow, spell checker. And I want to work in Automation tool like QTP, Selenium, performance testing through load runner.
Parting thoughts
Testers are very much responsible for successful software development, so he have strong knowledge about manual testing, SEO importance and negative testing.
The Journey So Far
I was started my career with SKS Solutions from May 2010 to June 2011, after that I switch my jot to Agile Technosys from July 2011 to 29 Nov 2011. In my testing career I was worked in different project like Huddle Up app which is iPhone project, Wikiacts, Purbreed, payroll system.
Required Reading
Website - and some forums where we can discuss our problems with professionals. like -
Currently working at
I worked with Agile Technosys, here I was working as QA Engineer. Understand the user requirement and communicate with developer about requirement. finding bugs on design, functionality and send them to developer. use different OS like MAC, XP, Linex with finding browser compatibility issues.
Changes in the industry
Organization very well known that QA or Testers are very much responsible for good software. So they are recruit more QA engineers.
Points of inflection
In my testing career I faced problems, like some developers did not assume that some errors are right. so I communicate and take meetings. My first intention is that to give bug free application to client.
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