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About Anil Mydur's family

I come from a family called Mydurs ,My father( who was a Practising Civil Engineer had 2 childern family of 4,I have one brother (My fathers family is too big had 6 brothers & 7 sisters - called Mydur family)Presently I am married to Sridevi and I have a son who is 8 months Master.Chakri Koustubh
Done Differently:
with the India centric scenario , I think playing a role in politics and being part of the national growth is equally important , it is easy to blame the present leaders now for the sorry state of affairs but it takes a lot to bring changes in the system and make a India ,nation free of corruption .
Career Profile:
I manage projects on case to case basis , currently I am handling few infrastructure projects in Middle east for a an Engineering giant , I was doing similar kind of project in India but with lot of bottlenecks,leading to lack of confidence with promoters confidence projects couldn't kick of on tim
Plans For The Future:
I feel with ever increasing consuptions leveles I wish to Manage bigger and more meaningful projects & bring changes in the Infrastructure Industry projects , execute more of sustainable projects which can have better impact on society&environment , be more responsible and go for triple bottom line
Changes In The Professional Environment:
I used to make mobile calls with Rs16/min , where as now its much reduced to 30 to 50 paise per minute ,with ever increasing consumerism in mobile and technology I think prices are more affordable,I think the Moores law is bound to rule the Industry technological changes been the key differentiator,
Role Model:
I think there are so many of them , Mr.AM Naik of L&T ,He has grown from Jr level to Top management ,L&T as a company brought the concept triple bottom line , I think the sustainable quotient of L &T has been phenomenal I think their business model is worth emulating .
Job Profile:
I am Construction professional with over of 15 years of experience in Construction project management. Multiple Project handler. Ability to manage stakeholders – architects , developers , consultants , subcontractors , vendors. Optimizing Systems.Process Oriented.
Working Life Management:
It has been challenge in itself , I distribute my time in priority to health ,family , friends ,sometime work will take a toll on health because of my traveling places .
Advice For New Professionals:
Do your best ,keep abreast of what is happening in the Industry ,leave the rest ,success will follow you .
Other Thoughts:
nothing much
Required Reading:
I think silicon India is doing a great job , I think every one must read the articles and keep abreast with news and technology .
The Decisions That Matter
I from the time I ve started working in Infrastructure projects , I ve still sticked to the same industry ,although I ve had parallel interests in other tech ventures&projects, I ve been strong believer that every country must invest its quality stakes in Infrastructural projects for its prosperity.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Well I am not still proud yet , being a part of the nation building is great feeling in itself ,I want be part and contributor in bigger national building projects.India scenario will do well in the coming years
Degrees That Matter:
I think for working professionals ,who don't find in full time to do programs due to their financial commitments must take up Executive education which will add value to their CVs .I also recommend for team players they should take up Quality certifications on auditing,lead assessor's courses.
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