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Anand Datla

Anand Datla

Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
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Anand Datla's Experience
Management Consulting
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, INDIA
Capgemini, Bangalore, INDIA
Senior Consultant
Effone Technologies, Bangalore, INDIA
Opusasia Technologies Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, INDIA
Ernst & Young, South Africa
Anand Datla's Education
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
University of Mysore
PG Diploma
Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre

About Anand Datla's family

I was born and brought up in a coastal village of Andhra Pradesh. My father is a farmer and even though he still continues to do farming in the village, he was keen that my brother and I pursue higher education and a professional career. My mother is a dedicated homemaker.
Role Model
I am truly inspired by the passion and purity of Nelson Mandela. When he took the reins of a fragmented South Africa, the country was teetering on the brink of civil war. His astute leadership and ability to inspire a ravaged community to forgive their tormentors created a thriving rainbow nation.
Changes in the industry
In the past the QA practice was a passive support function, outsourced to execute the tedious detail. Over the years, consultants have designed robust frameworks and maturity models that enable service providers now to play a far more collaborative role in shaping the destiny of development programs
Areas for the Future
The business environment is evolving rapidly and tools are undergoing a seamless progression to multiple form factors. Applications of the future will be expected to function consistently across different environments and the QA partner shall be expected to deliver value across the spectrum.
The Journey So Far
It has been an interesting journey laced with the ebb and tide that is so characteristic of professional life. I began my career with a Swiss company and that taught me the value of accuracy and time. Being in Management Consulting helps me learn constantly from seasoned professionals.
Tech trends to watch out for
Portability of Applications is developing into a business need. It will be important to acquire the skills needed to work in this realm. At the same time, Cloud and Security are two elements that will grow. It will be interesting to watch this space.
Essential Advice
It is very important to have a keen eye for detail and a vivid imagination. Understand your client's business on the one hand and their customers on the other. This will help you add value to your partners and achieve lasting growth in the industry. Patience is a virtue and a universal QA currency.
Parting thoughts
Stay passionate and enjoy your life. At the end of the day, work is only an enabler to help you lead a quality life. Just as you an enabler for the organisation to make profits and achieve growth. Strive as hard as you can during your working hours, and be left with at least 12 hours for the family.
Most Important Lessons
Stay passionate and enjoy your life. At the end of the day, work is only an enabler to help you lead a quality life. Just as you an enabler for the organisation to make profits and achieve growth. Strive as hard as you can during your working hours, and be left with at least 12 hours for the family.
Points of inflection
At the turn of the millenium, I decided to leave a lucrative career and pursue my dream of living in Africa. My five years there has left me with rich memories and gave me a second wind to pursue Consulting with a passion these past few years.
A Fine Balance:
It is a tough exercise, but one has to be honest to life just as we need be to our work. I believe in concentrating my efforts during the day, so I am left with the time to pursue my dreams when I leave the office. Remember at work I am 1/200000th and dispensable. Family is precious beyond words.
Plans for the Future
I expect to continue advising my clients on risk and strategy, build lasting relationships for my organisation. I also believe with time, you have the opportunity to offer warm and caring leadership to your team members. At the end of the day, we are valued for being honest and committed to our team
Degrees that Matter
It depends on your area of work and your vision for the future. There isn't a one-size-fits-all shoe there.
Currently working at
I lead consulting teams at Deloitte in advising our clients about Enterprise Applications, Technology Risk & Strategy. I work with multiple clients in the Banking, Retail and Realty industries to strengthen relationships through careful Account Management.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My current role includes business development and account management. The significant difference from my previous role is that of geography. Earlier, I was managing accounts and relationships of our cients in North America. I am focused on the domestic market now.
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