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Amit Devanga

Amit Devanga

quality systems manager
united springs
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Amit Devanga's Experience
quality systems manager
united springs, manchester
Amit Devanga's Education
birmingham university

About Amit Devanga's family

Born to a Banker Father and Mother who was a teacher in earlier part of her career. Younger of the two children my sister is a Doctor in the UK. My parents currently live in Mumbai and both me and my sister live in the UK. My wife is a qualified environmental engineer and have a two year old son.
Changes in the industry
I joined the industry after completing my Masters in Automotive engineering, QA department was an ideal place for me. QA has improved in leaps an bounds over the last decade , the available technology for testing and the evolution of support processes has helped the increase in testing requirements
A Fine Balance:
Work life balance is all about time and people management. Ability to assess work load, prioritize it and where possible delegate it to competent personnel with minimal micro management saves a lot of your time and helps you to achieve targets without causing stress in your personal life.
Required Reading
Right First time by Frank Price, AiAG and IAQG publications and of course Google
Role Model
My Father is my role model, hailing from a family where every member had to work to bring food home from when he was 8 years old and to reach the position of a director at an Asset management company is to me a truly remarkable journey. A true motivator, champion team player who still hates to lose
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Currently I have divisional responsibilities managing an array of projects across UK, France and Netherlands. My current focus is establishing standard systems across the division and to establish Centre's of excellence. In my previous role I have been involved with managing quality certification.
Parting thoughts
Quality can be managed by quality department personnel but the industry needs to understand that quality is everybody's responsibility. Individuals should work proactively within an organization to prevent concerns rather than invest time and money to correct issues.
Areas for the Future
Material testing and metallurgy Heat treatment assessment [ NADCAP for e.g]
Points of inflection
My choice to take up a Knowledge transfer partnership program after my Masters in the UK. I could have opted for a graduate role with good salary but instead i opted for KTP program with the university for stipend & in return a great learning platform with access to university and industry resource.
Plans for the Future
General Management, Probably as General Manager or Operations Manager of the Indian subsidiary of a multinational manufacturing company. My other inclination is to a pursue an MBA but I am still looking at its feasibility and ROI.
Most Important Lessons
Reason cannot prevail where reason cannot penetrate. Learning how not to do things is as important as learning how to do things. Job satisfaction is limiting factor to growth. Resolve crisis by addressing root cause and not treating symptons.
Degrees that Matter
All my qualifications have been engineering related such as B.Eng and Msc. Additional qualifications have been system orientated such as Lead auditor for TS16949, AS9100, 14001 etc.. but I would advise all individuals to take up core quality tools training which includes SPC, MSA, FMEA, APQP, PPAP
Tech trends to watch out for
As previously mentioned Material and metallurgy, NDT and Heat treatment syytem assessments.
Most Important Decisions
Masters in the UK in an university which excels in your field of study and good networking with the industry. A very good relationship with your faculty and line manager. Courage to take up difficult assignments. Invest in soft skills - communication, organiztion behavior, time and people management
The Journey So Far
Incredible journey from a young graduate with less than mediocre performance in Bachelors degree to finish first in the class at Masters level in the UK. Good to realize the personal transformation from an introvert to leading cross country projects. A long way to go and a lot to achieve yet in life
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