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Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain

Engineering Manager, Quality
Adobe Systems
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The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
I was lucky indeed to have challenging roles & tasks around me right from the start of my career.

I started my career from Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Development Center) where the first and immediate priority project was to build an in-house ownership, and transition the entire testing project from one of Lucents sister office  + from a local vendor. These teams were awesome, generally you feel, transition might not be taken up as a healthy affair but these teams were great professionals. We got very good mentoring, cooperation and within half a year’s timeframe we were on our own.

Post Lucent, I came back to my native place (Delhi NCR) and joined Skyworks Inc as amongst the first few members of initial team who were tasked with building a center here at India under the leadership of Mr. Shashidhar Reddy. I was made responsible for building and leading the Skyworks Field validation group. Initially I was little nervous but we had pretty strong people power. My Skyworkss seniors mentored me and within couple of years we were managing the global field test planning, catering to big customers, in house projects, in collaboration with Skyworks France and US team.

The journey then moved to Adobe, where I am lucky enough working on a role that gives you freedom of experimenting ideas, strategies, agile environment and leading projects that touches almost each and every person’s day to day life one way or another.

Just to summarize: Ownership, initiative and goal driven attitude definitely helps in giving your best. Mentoring and guidance from seniors is must, International exposure, working with different cultures also adds to your way of thinking, decision making and getting right output from people etc.
Decisions That Mattered
Not shying away from Challenges.
Always ready to explore new things.
No company is big or small; its your contribution that makes the difference.
Work and Role: Then and Now
Not a major differential now a days I work with Product and Program Management, contributes to critical business decisions, drive various associated teams to reach common goal, and manage my own people, vendor co-ordination and progress tracking.
Two Years Down the Line
Bring the current project to a state where it can run as auto-pilot and take on new challenging roles, projects.
What I Learnt Along the Way
Be open to new opportunities, although they will sometimes sound as crazy and risky in the beginning, but these are the ones that will bring the best out of you.
Love your work and make that your passion.
Never hesitate learning be they are from your juniors or seniors or anyone else.
Trends to Watch Out For
Technology is moving in fast pace, the only way to beat it is to learn it rather than resisting change. People should adapt it. Agility is the key, new methodologies shall come up, if these are not there, invent them. Use methodologies that make project engineers life better. Analytics is one area that can really help in telling how product is progressing amongst users. This area can also be used in in-house development and testing projects to know how much code is getting traversed, how much code is getting tested, what all user scenarios are executed etc.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
Introspect, analyze your strengths and then make best use of that.
Welcome new opportunities; ask for more and challenging work.
Change the status quo.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
Learn new tools, if anything is taking your time in a repetitive manner, try automating it.
Learn new methodologies and techniques that bring transparency to the project, like Agile, Analytics.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
Books are great, every author and book has certain specific strengths, read those areas and try implementing it before moving to next chapter. Contribute to websites, portal (rather than always going there for seeking a help, you should post solutions too). Contribute to knowledge sharing sessions, events & mentor people.
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