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Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

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Abhishek Kumar's Experience
Functional Outside Consultant
SAP LABS, Bangalore, INDIA
Testing Engnr
Info X Systems, Bangalore, INDIA
QA/ QC Exec.
Ness Technologies Pvt Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA
Abhishek Kumar's Education
Shobhit University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

About Abhishek Kumar's family

I am from a Middle Class family where My Dad is a Retired Personnel and My Mother is a House Maker. My Younger Brother Works for BPCL(Bharat Petroleum, Mumbai), M.Tech from IIT-BHU. My Elder Sister works for ICICI Bank, Hyderabad.
Changes in the industry
I started my Career with SAP Labs and i was working on SAP Tools. With the change of company and culture i have worked on several Test Management Tools. Presently i work in Scrum as a Part of Agile Methodology which includes daily updates and Reporting.
Most Important Lessons
Devotion irrespective of things in surrounding. Always have short Term and Long Term Goals. Keep yourself aligned and have a clear Picture of what you are doing. Respect your colleagues along with your Job.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I have to Handle some of the Folks both offshore and other Geographical locations. I have to also take care of the quality of deliverable meeting Deadline.
Currently working at
I am working as SAP HR/HCM quality Consultant and performing Testings on the Functional side as per Business Requirement.
The Journey So Far
It has been challenging so far and requires devotion which i have showed. And the bottom line is it has given me immense opportunity to learn and explore from my seniors and has made be to drive things with responsibility.
Parting thoughts
I have been honest to my job and the organization i have worked for and it will remain the same in future.
Areas for the Future
Reports and Logs that we maintain on the amount of job done that went successful. Rest everything needs Improvement for which there is always a scope.
Plans for the Future
I see my Self as a Team Lead later Becoming part of Management who can help in understanding the Business and Requirement.
Role Model
I believe we should always have some set of Goals for Ourselves and what efforts we are making to attain it should be monitored closely. Try and achieve and later set another Goals but Do remember to Celebrate once to attain any.
Points of inflection
I see for everything that people achieve they have made enormous amount of effort for it. I started believing that long back which i have acquired from Autobiographies and real life experiences. And Honestly that alone is driving me good.
A Fine Balance:
There are different strokes for different Folks. It varies from Individuals. I do things in such a way that i can go on any Forum and say that i have done this way and is the Best way for the Job done.
Most Important Decisions
Sticking to what area i want to deliver as this is where i am very well equipped and will work in favor of my Organization. On top of that i am also open for New Opportunity and Roles.
Degrees that Matter
I have no Certification so far in my field but still with my effort and all, have always given quality Output. I Think the People needs to be Focused rather certified only.
Required Reading
Real experiences, Observing Power, Hunger to Make yourself countable are few Important Things which helps an Individual in Improving for Good.
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