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Abhijit Dutta

Abhijit Dutta

Computer Engineer
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About Abhijit Dutta's family

I belong to a middle class Indian family.My family consists of four members.My father is a serviceman at TATA STEEL and my mom is homemaker.I also have a younger brother who is going for higher studies.I always learned to be time management,honesty,disciplined and being sincere from my parents.
Plans for the Future
Couple of years from now i see myself in your esteemed organization where by with all my enhanced learning and skill, i shall be able to make up a valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization.I want to expertise to directly impact the company in a positive way.
Essential Advice
My advice will to him to learn quickly in the field and be expertise in the field to grab all the opportunities that will lead to him success.
Points of inflection
Till now i have always been consistent in my education and other co-curricular activities.So no point of inflection.
Changes in the industry
To make it clear that i have just completed my engineering career in Computer Technology.I am fresher but i know about Software QA/Testing and i am thoroughly interested in it.
Areas for the Future
Being a fresher i do not have a relevant information about this.But i do know that things will really mater the most are analytical and technical skills with high productivity.
Currently working at
I am fresher.
Most Important Lessons
The important lessons which i learned in professional life is that things are all about patience,smart work,intelligence and skills
Role Model
My role model always been my teachers and parents whose inspiration and help lead to achieve success.
Required Reading
Books:- Software Engineering by Pearson Education India
Degrees that Matter
No, i do not have any certifications.
Most Important Decisions
This the first stage of my career where i am making a decision to go on with your company.
The Journey So Far
My professional career was good and looking for better career ahead.
Parting thoughts
I have depicted everything in my last questions.I am good with working in a group and under anyone.
A Fine Balance:
Being time management is the crucial part of my life which i lead from from my childhood onwards,so work life balance will be no problem for me.
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