QA City

Advisory Board
QA City Advisory board is a group of Testing and QA Experts who have been selected to help advise us regarding any number of issues pertaining to software testing and quality assurance, including market trends, Testing tools and services in the industry and so on; The members of the advisory committee provide leadership and recommendations for program development to contribute towards the goals of QA City. They guide us to structure the contents and proceedings of QA City and support outreach efforts to raise awareness in their own way.
T Ashok
Founder and CEO ,STAG Software
T Ashok is the Founder and CEO of STAG Software Private Limited, Bangalore, India, a company that specializes in inventing test technologies to deliver boutique test solutions/services to deliver clean software. Passionate about excellence, Ashoks mission is to discover methods to build clean software. At STAG he is deeply involved in architecting Hypothesis-based Testing (HBT), a scientific personal test methodology powered by the defect detection technology STEM.He is an alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) and College of Engineering, Anna University (India).