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Nasdaq to Partner with Carnegie Mellon University For More Vigorous Testing

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 26 December 2012, 03:26 Hrs
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Bangalore: Nasdaq is all set to partner with Carnegie Mellon University as part of a plan to improve the quality of software testing by forming an industry group, Peter Chapman reports on Traders Magazine.

This year, Nasdaq, Knight Capitals and BATS experienced technical glitches which had led to losses. In a testimony before the Senate Banking Committee; Eric Noll who heads the transaction services in the United Kingdom and United States for Nasdaq said, “We hope to form and lead a group of market participants, regulators, technology providers, and academic institutions with the goal of driving resilience in the large scale software engineering and technology arena. The industry has learned through experience that it must change the way we test.”

According to Chapman, the industry has to adopt vigorous testing by pushing the software to its breaking point instead of checking if the system works or it if can handle heavy stress. “A more robust testing environment would assume breakdowns by all testing participants to visualize the impact on a system’s integrity,” Noll said. “Such 'destructive' testing will spot troubles that the kindler-gentler testing of the past would not uncover.”

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